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The pigeon of the pigeon with the scientific name Columbidae belongs to the family of healthy and healthy bunnies with a short neck, a short, narrow beak, which feeds primarily on seeds, fruits and plants.

Fertilizer Dough is a highly alkaline fertilizer that can burn delicate roots and plant stems. This fertilizer can be used in both liquid and compost form and is a complete fertilizer or NPK, which contains appropriate amounts of nitrogen, phosphate and calcium. Kaka's Great Pirate Pigeon is the best kind of composite, but it must be made from healthy and domestic birds, not from wild pigeons.

Plant fertilizer for high-nutrition plants such as sugar beet ,watermelon, lentils, roses and other plants require a very rich soil. Pigeon fertilizer is excellent for trees, including pistachios and garden plants. It also has a unique performance in planting and planting melons. It also acts as an anti-parasite and softens the soil.

The licorice fertilizer was used for cabbage and caviar, especially during the Safavid times. Pigeon Dove Pigeon Dove was a great value for Europeans when they had pigeon houses and kept pigeons on top of their homes. Dove manure has the highest levels of nitrogen, potassium and potassium than other fruits, and its compost is the best type among other types of fertilizers.

The properties of pigeon fertilizer can be referred to as the catalyst activator in Koma, which is a good way to spoil the rye, creating an excellent composite for the garden.

The benefits of pigeon fertilizer the advantages of pigeon manure in maintaining soil in excellent condition, the use of tannery, leather making and rocket making can be named. In the past, nitrate extraction from fertilizer fertilizers was carried out. Another interesting and modern use ofpigeon feces in the Maroccan country.

The solution or steam of ammonia found in pigeon stools in the country is useful in leather tanning, so that during the tanning process, dandruff feces are used to create a flexible skin.


Pigeon fertilizer combinations

Dove pigeon is considered as the best fertilizer in the world ahead of it in the country. Pigeon manure compounds have the highest amounts of nitrogen, phosphorus, and amounts of potassium magnesium and gypsum in comparison with other animal waste. Dove manure, in comparison with other children, has the highest organic matter content, morphology and sorghum, which is about 3.8% and is equal to the child. Pigeon stool can also be placed in a worm bag or vermicelli.