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28 Health Benefits of Shrimps:

1. Low Calorie.
A medium shrimp has at least 7 calorie. If we eat a dozen of them, we will have 85 calorie. Meanwhile, a big shrimp has 18 calorie. If we eat it in a big number, it is still low in calorie.

2. Maintaining the Health of Our Skin, Hair, and Nails.
Protein in a shrimp helps us in maintaining the health and the growth of hair, skin, and nail. Consuming shrimps should be based on the need since consuming it too much will bring negative effects for our body.

3. Preventing Anemia.
Health Benefits of Shrimps with proven evidence is for preventing anemia. Shrimps have vitamin 21% of vitamin B12. It is called as a supporting nutrition to produce red blood cells and to prevent anemia.

4. Boosting Energy.
Consuming shrimps regularly will increase out energy or our everyday performance because shrimps are rich of iron that is famously known to increase our energy.

5. Nutrition Sources.
We can earn 100 % of our daily selenium intake by consuming 4 ounce of boiled shrimps. Besides, they contain 75% of vitamin B12, 50 % of phosphor and more than 30 % of krulin and iodine. The mineral in shrimps can strengthen our immunity system as well as donate the antioxidant that is beneficial for attacking free radicals.

6. Processing the Fats.
Niacin (vitamin B3) in shrimps can process the fats, carbohydrate, and protein in our body so that they become energy. Niacin can also function as a skin protector since it keeps our skin healthy and prevent them from scaly skin.

7. Reducing the Risk of Depression.
The content of essential fat acid and omega 3 gives strong protection toward the depression and bring back the missing mood.

8. Reducing the Risk of Hypothyroid.
Eating shrimps can give additional copper intake. The lack of copper intake can cause hypothyroid.

9. Preventing Premature Aging.
Shrimps contains of carotenoids that is called as a astaxanthin. It is beneficial for keeping our skin healthy and prevent it from premature aging.

10. Healthier Fat Intake.
Shrimps have several kind of healthy fat or monounsaturated fat, polyunsaturated fat, omega-3, and omega-6.

11. Preventing Prostate Cancer.
We need 48% of selenium intake a day. The lack of selenium can cause several type of cancer, including prostate cancer. Several researchers in Food Research Institute say that the combination between sulforaphane and selenium increase our immunity system 13 times.

12. Rich of Protein.
A shrimp has 29 gr of protein. Moreover it has a low content of carbohydrate.

13. Strengthening the Bones.
Calcium and phosphor are two substances that work together to form strong bones and teeth. We are suggested to consume shrimps with their skin because they contain of glucosamine that is beneficial for shaping cartilage in our joints.

14. Balancing Hormones.
The most important aspect of consuming shrimps is its function to balance hormones in our body. Especially if we love doing sport. Shrimps contains a lot of protein that is beneficial for producing hormones and balancing the number of the hormones in our body. Moreover, shrimps are undeniably important if we want to increase the mass of our muscles since shrimps contain nutrition that is helpful for forming the mass muscles.

15. Preventing Cancer.
Cancer can be prevented by consuming shrimps. In 56 microgram of 4 ounce of shrimp contains selenium that fulfill the selenium mineral intake in our body. This mineral selenium is the antioxidant that prevent the growth of cancer cells. In several proven research results, the selenium in shrimps can be well absorbed by our body.

16. Preventing Heart Disease and Diabetes.
Another dangerous disease that can be prevented by eating shrimps is cardiovascular disease. Thanks to selenium again. The lack of selenium can increase the risk of cardiovascular disease.

17. Source of Omega 3.
Omega 3 is essential for our brain. Unfortunately, some people think that shrimps as the source of bad cholesterol so they prefer not to include shrimps in the list of their healthy daily menu. It has been proven by several researches that shrimps content various of omega 3. In 4 ounce of shrimp, there is  50% Eicosapentaenoic Acid or EPA and  Docosahexaenoic Acid or DHA in a balance percentage, that is  50%. EPA and DHA are two kinds of omega 3 that have an important role in keeping the nerve systems healthy as well as the main factor to prevent heart disease.

18. Anti Inflammation Substance.
Based on the research, shrimps contains substance that can be used as anti inflammation agents, for example astaxanthin and selenium. Astaxanthin can be found in shrimps’ shelf. That substance is beneficial to prevent as well as to cure inflammation.

19. Increasing Appetite.
If we lost our appetite, we are suggested to eat shrimps because they contain a lot of protein. If we consume a lot of shrimps, they will form a substance called peptida. Peptida in our body can trigger the release of appetite hormones, such as cholecystokinin hormone. The cholecystokinin hormone arrange someone’s appetite. With peptida, cholecystokinin hormone can be arranged so that we can gain our appetite back.

20. Medicine for Anemia.
Shrimps have various vitamins. Vitamin B is one of them. Vitamin B in shrimps is not only one kind as there are other kinds of vitamin B, for example vitamin B6, B12, Kolin, Niacin and pantotenis acid. These vitamins B are essential for stabilizing blood pressure and preventing anemia. Anemia patients can consume shrimps as part of their medication with adjusted shrimps portion.

21. High Content of Phosphor.
Shrimps is powerful for strengthening our bones. Consuming shrimps routinely will increase the density of our bones so that they become stronger. A substance to form our bones is phosphor. Beside our bones, phosphor can make our teeth stronger. If we have fragile bones, our health will absolutely be disturbed. We will usually feel the pain in our joint if we have arthritis problem.

22. Helping the Activity of Thyroid Glands.
Shrimps are believed to have high and healthy iodine. We need it for keeping the thyroid glands active. This glands are important to manage our metabolism and weigh. For pregnant women, iodine is important to support the work of the baby’s brain.

23. Keeping Our Eyes Healthy.
The habit of consuming shrimps is good for keeping our eyes healthy. Shrimps contain astaxanthin which is beneficial for reducing the bad effect of sun rays for our eyes or eyes radiation.

24. Keeping Our Bones Healthy.
Consuming shrimps is good for keeping our bones healthy since they contain the most important source of minerals, such as magnesium, phosphor, calcium and zinc. Those minerals are important for calcium absorption for our bones and maintain the bones mass themselves. For menopause women, consuming shrimps routinely will decrease the risk of suffering from arthritis.

25. Reducing Weight.
Shrimps are good for reducing our weight because they contain carbohydrate, protein, and fat, zinc, and magnesium. These substances are healthy. Zinc and magnesium can increase the level of leptin hormone in our body. This is a hormone that helps our body to adjust the appetite and increase the energy for our body.

26. Keeping Our Hair Roots Strong.
Consuming shrimps will promote the health of our hair. Shrimps contain zinc that is good for keeping our hair roots strong and controlling the hair cells. Besides, shrimps can make our skin healthy and counter the premature aging. Shrimps will make our performance younger and healthier.

27. Keeping Our Blood Cells Healthy.
Shrimps contain selenium that promotes the health of our blood cells. The selenium is good for attacking  several forms of inflammation that can cause cancer and another chronic disease. Selenium is important to counter every form of free radical that is dangerous for our body organ.

28. Keeping Our Brain Healthy.
Shrimps contain iron that is important for our brain. When our blood flows well, it support sufficient oxygen to our brain so that it can perform well, too. Consuming brain is often related to our intelligence and its ability to keep memories.

To have better benefits of shrimps, we should know the serving suggestion.

3 Serving Suggestions of Shrimps:

Do not Fry.

We will find the ultimate benefit of shrimp if we do not fry them. The contain of bad cholesterol in frying oil is potential for adding the bad cholesterol in shrimps.


Steaming is much more healthier if we want shrimps with low bad cholesterol.


Shrimps barbecued is another save method for cooking shrimps since it will maintain the content of the nutrition so that we can still enjoy their delicious taste.

Besides the benefits they offer, shrimps also bring negative effect for our health.

4 Side Effects of Shrimps:

   • Too much consuming shrimps brings the risk of mercury poisoning since shrimps contain different level of mercury.
   • Since shrimps contain high level of purin, they can cause uric acid and kidney failure worse.
   • Shrimps are potential for causing allergy. The reactions of shrimps allergy are rash-itchy skin, nausea, vomit, and terrible headache.
   • Too much consuming shrimps can level up the cholesterol level so that they are dangerous for hypertension, stroke, and heart disease patients.

Knowing the positive side effect and negative side effects of shrimps is good for us since we can gain the benefits as well as aware of the risk they bring.