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Today, the application of chemical substances and compounds in human life aspects has led to a tendency towards natural and degradable natural resources in the growth of environment and one of these natural reserves is aquatic. Aquatic is a special place due to its important substances such as proteins, minerals, and unsaturated fatty acids and used as medical and very important food product. In recent decades, due to the growing population and the presence of malnutrition in many parts of the world, aquatic animals can be used to provide people with protein in a special place. During the processing of fish, a large number of waste products including water and solids are produced. Solid waste , 52 72% of the original raw materials, and depending on the process used, these waste lesions will be mixed in different parts of the head, viscose and bone. Approximately 32% of the waste products  are bone and skin that are rich in collagen .The nutritional value of skin, bone and fin fish is relatively high and these materials are sources the feed can be used to produce fish meal powder.
 Cartilage derived from fish is used to produce various products that have various therapeutic and medicinal uses. The fish skin is used to produce fish gelatin and also leather. Now the main source of chitosan production in the world is the shrimp and crab shell.there is colory substance named anexantine in the shrimp skin that has an anti-cancer effect. Protein is a product of the Pennsame brandy salad fish that has moisturizing and cleansing properties, as well as skin rejuvenation. Depending on the use of different parts of the head and viscose, they can be used in various sectors of pharmacy, food, and economics.