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Shrimp Waste

A wide range of applications, such as medical (using chitin in the manufacture of yarn), treatment, cosmetics, paper, pulp industry and textile industries, biotechnology, salmon food and food applications.
There are pigments in the shrimp body, that is called astaxanthin, which is an anti-cancer agent and a very strong antioxidant that is very expensive in the market but unfortunately it is discarded, in addition there is another substance in shrimps skin, is called Chitin, which is the second most natural renewable substance in the world, and is proceeded without spending any money on its production.

Industrial change by using shrimp skin
Shrimp is a hard sell that molt several times during its lifetime. These shells are accumulated in shrimp breeding centers as a waste material, and in many centers, the massive amount of shrimp shell heard as a big problem.
hard shells contains a lot of valuable and practical chitosan material that the acquisition of extraction of useful compound can be an important step in the development of various industries such as pharmaceuticals, textiles, agriculture, water treatment and sewage, and nanotechnology.

Chitosan is a carbohydrate compound that is separated from the body of hard shells, the skin of which is contains chitin. Chitosan, a derivative of chitin, is known as a second most abundant carbohydrate in the planet after cellulose. If this carbohydrate is used in production, it will yield more production. The massive use of this material is due to its unique cellular structure. In other words, chitosan can also enhance the properties of materials, it can also create new and unique properties in the material; for example, and chitosan soap can be a way to eliminate facial wrinkles, which does not cause any complications. Toothpastes used in chitosan can not only eliminate oral and dental bacteria, but also can play an effective role in whitening teeth. In the world, any product that uses chitosan material, in comparison, has a higher price. This shows that this material has many benefits.
Now in the world, an industrial scale for chitosan extraction is an autoclave method. In general, the chitosan extraction process is a two-stage process; in the first step, the kitein shell of the body converts the body of any hardy substance such as shrimp to chitin, and then the chitin turns into chitosan.
In the world, chitosan is used in various industries. This material has more than 3000 different uses. For example, in the field of medicine, it is possible to use this compound in the production of adhesives used for wound healing and burn wounds, as well as absorbent surgical sutures that are of great use in surgery. In addition, chitosan is also used in production of medicine transformer. In cosmetics, this combination is also used as skin and hair protector. Biotechnology, wood and paper industry, textile, water and wastewater treatment, agriculture as well as nanotechnology are other industries that can be used in this valuable material.

Use of shrimp waste instead of fish powder in ration chickens
 The overall results show that shrimp waste powder can be a suitable substitute for fish powder.