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Quail eggs, like other livestock and poultry manure, are rich in organic matter, essential nutrients, and all micro nutrients. Among the properties of quail, it is possible to improve the condition of clay and sandy soils, increase the amount of soil and soil bacteria, soil rooting, tillering and germination, which results in higher quality and tonnage than ever. The use of this fertilizer is applicable to all crops and gardens, and it is suggested that, before the start of the season, soil is to be enriched with this fertilizer.

Benefit of Quail Droppings

Quail Droppings Benefit for Fish Food                                      

Quail dropping can be given directly to fish or it can also                                                         
processed first to make better food source.
If you choose to give it directly to fish, make sure that your
pond have good watering system to avoid making the pond

Continuous flow will make the water fresh
This method usually applied by farmer in mountain area living near to rivers.
For Processed Quail droppings for fish food, usually droppings are combined with another fish food such as fish powder or rice bran, and then shaped as common fish food.

Quail Droppings Benefit for Plankton Reproduction
Using Quail droppings for plankton reproduction is usually used by fish farming of Nile Tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus).
The farmer usually spread the quail droppings into the breeding pond before putting the fish.
This method is being used with hope the plankton inside the pond are able to grow naturally, therefore the cost for fish food can be greatly reduced.

Quail Droppings Benefit for Organic Fertilizer
Organic fertilizer is know to have much more benefit compared to chemical fertilizer.
Organic fertilizer from quail droppings is save, and do not leave harmful residue.
Instead, fertilizer from Quail droppings have high concentration Organic C, which give the benefit of fertilizing the soil.
Fertilizer from Quail droppings is functioning as fertilizing agent for microorganism growth by giving the the right nutrition to soil.