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Organic duck manure/fertilizer for sale, weed seed free, no antibiotics or hormones were injected into the ducks.  Duck manure  isn’t as hot as chicken manure.  The medium is rice hauls which makes spreading the manure easy.  The manure must be delivered at a cost.

Duck manure is great for lawns, gardens, and orchards as a nitrogen rich food source.  Since it easy to spread and there are no clumps the manure works it way to the roots very easily.  “Plus it’s better then adding a synthetic fertilizer because synthetic fertilizers do nothing for the soil and overuse can actually damage your soil.  Chemical fertilizers are highly concentrated and too great an accumulation can burn plant roots and kill beneficial microorganisms in the soil.  Plus earthworms are driven away from areas containing heavy concentrations of synthetic chemical fertilizers.

It’s also a great idea to add duck manure, as a light feeding, once a month to feed your crops as they are growing.  This gives microbes in the soil food to break down for the whole season.  This in turn will feed your plants the vital nutrients it needs to produce: luxurious green leaves; promote strong seeds; be resistant to disease; and to produce healthy steams and roots for improved fruit production.  Feeding your soil a light fertilizer once a month is far better than adding a strong fertilizer only once at the beginning of the growing season

  1. Quantity: You get about 0.065 pounds of poop per day, per pound of laying chicken. But you get 0.11 pounds of poop per pound of duck per day. Although it may not sound like a big difference, if you have ten ducks that are 6 pounds each, that means 6.6 pounds of manure per day on average. The same 60 pounds worth of laying hens gets you 3.9 pounds of poop per day. In a year, using ducks as a source of fertilizer, you get almost 1000 pounds more duck poop from a similarly sized flock.
  2. Nutrient Content: Almost all livestock manure is awesome for your garden (so long as the animals were raised well), but duck poop is the bomb! Duck poop is basically like a 2.8:2.3:1.7 NPK fertilizer. According to the same source, no other livestock manure has NPK ratio this high. The closest one is turkey with 2.8/2.4/1.2 but with less poop per pound per day. This means with duck you get the most poop per day and you need the least poop to get the same level of fertilizer.
  3. Dispersal: Duck poop is more liquid than other forms of manure which mean between regular rain and ducks plodding over it, duck manure disperses very quickly into the soil.